Get Affordable Insurance For Your Family

While nothing can replace you, having insurance means that if something happened to you, your loved ones would be OK financially.

 Explore your coverage options and plan for the future.

No matter what you do for a living or where you are in life, there’s always an opportunity to better protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Tenant Insurance

Even if you don't own your place, you need insurance to protect your stuff and any liabilities.

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Pet Insurance

Protect your pet and your budget with flexible, customizable Pet Insurance for dogs and cats.

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Sports Equipment

Protect your sports equipment and specialized accessories and clothing against loss, theft or damage.

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Home-based Business

Do you own a business and work from home? Get coverage for your office contents and more.

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My focus is protecting what’s most important to you.

Life events can be positive. Everything has financial and emotional rewards and challenges.  My focus is protecting what’s most important to you.  I protect your most valuable resource – your health and your wealth using insurance (Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Annuity, Segregated Investments) solutions.



Build your financial plan. Enjoy today and save for tomorrow.

A good financial plan includes the right mix of income, savings and insurance protection products to help you meet your financial goals.

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By Greg Brown

All news outlets were highlighting yesterday that the Dow Jones had it’s largest one day point drop ever. It was pretty hard to miss. Should one be concerned? Is the next depression/recession around the corner? Cautious perhaps, concerned – less so. Yesterdays stock market news, helps put a number of investment practices into perspective. If…

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