My focus is protecting what’s most important to you.

Life events can be positive. Everything has financial and emotional rewards and challenges.  My focus is protecting what’s most important to you.  I protect your most valuable resource – your health and your wealth using insurance (Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Annuity, Segregated Investments) solutions.

Why insurance is important - It pays the bills when you can’t.

Insurance is the most uncomfortable of conversations, but it’s impacts and support are life changing.  It pays the bills when you can’t.  It ensures you keep everything you’ve worked hard for and ensures the banks and government aren’t the beneficiaries of your hard work.  Insurance is one of the only investments you can make that does not get taxed.  My focus isn’t only on what your family and others get, but ensuring you can pay your bills while working and that your future and retirement aren’t threatened due to illness or accident.

Financial conversations can be uncomfortable - I’m a conversationalist and voice of financial reason.

I recognize financial conversations can be uncomfortable – amongst spouses, children and families. You will transition through many stages and financial priorities over time.  I ensure your financial plans evolve as your do.   I’m a conversationalist and voice of financial reason.  I’m sensitive to family and business needs. As a broker with access to all major Canadian Insurers I always let clients know their options and guide them with their choice that is appropriate not only for current needs, but also the future.

Running my own business, I understand the challenges of being an employee and entrepreneur.

More than any accreditation I may have, I bring a depth of practical experience and equally important, life experiences to my clients.  Having worked for large Canadian financial institutions and running my own businesses I understand the challenges of being an employee and entrepreneur.  Being married, divorced and re-married with a son and two step children, I appreciate the joys and sacrifices of families.  I’ve worked with the most affluent and those most in need during my career.  Regardless of economic status, people/families have the same financial struggles – only the decimal is in a different place.

The value of having insurance - These are two of my clients.

I recall two clients who at the time weren’t fully convinced of the merits of Critical Illness Insurance protection but opted to include it as part of their protection plan.

Both were in their prime income years, early forties.

The first gentleman was married with no children.  He had a significant stroke and would never work at his previous occupation or generate the same income.  He had a long rehabilitation period.  At the same time, his spouse left him so he also lost his support system.  He had a $50,000 Critical Illness policy that paid him.  He was thankful, as the $50,000 enabled him to pay his bills and keep his home for over a year while he convalesced.

He said, "Greg, I’m so thankful.  While it’s not enough for me to keep my home, it bought me time to adjust to my new lifestyle without worrying about the bank and losing my home at the same time".

The other gentleman was 43, married, primary income earner with a 3 year old daughter.  Healthy with no family history of major illness.  3 Months after taking out a Critical Illness policy (he had only made 3 payments) he was diagnosed with throat cancer.  He had to take time off work (no disability insurance coverage) for chemo and radiation.  Again, the Critical Illness policy paid him so he was able to pay his mortgage and other health bills.  He was so thankful, he bought a critical illness policy for his daughter.

He builds your dreams and helps you turn them into reality

Greg Brown is a financial planner with a huge difference. He builds your dreams and helps you turn them into reality. Greg is personable and genuine, yet professional. You feel comfortable when speaking with him and know that he has your best interests at heart.

Christine T

We never think we’ll get sick, get hurt or pass away prematurely.

It happens.  It happens to good people and healthy people.  I meet these people everyday.  If you were the 1 in 2.4 Canadians who is told by their doctor they have cancer, or you were hurt (or worse) in a car accident on the way home from work how would your and your family pay the bills?  The best time to have insurance is before you need it.  It’s also cheaper and easier to obtain.

My passion for helping families and friends has evolved as a result of witnessing first hand the financial and emotional consequences of life events.

When did you last have a review to ensure your current and future plans are properly protected?


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